Sheetrock Repair Southbury Ct

Today’s project involves sheetrock repair in Southbury Ct. We think you will be impressed as you go through the timeline and see the before and after photos of this project.Sheetrock Repair

First, a little background.

This client in Southbury had the unfortunate problem of frozen pipes in a bathroom which resulted in pipes that had burst inside of a wall.

The pipes were from a shower which was ceramic tile on one side.

Luckily, we could access the other side of the wall to get to the pipes.

Drywall Repair

This would involve cutting out the sheetrock to allow one of our staff plumbers to repair the pipes and replace the shower valve, which had also been damaged from the freezing temperatures.

Once the plumbing work was done, our sheetrock repair experts would go to work and leave absolutely no sign of the wall ever having been disturbed!

Here is the timeline:
Sheetrock Repair Southbury Before

Day 1 – Plumber arrives in the morning. He cuts out the sheetrock to
access the plumbing. He replaces any broken pipes and also replaces the old Simmons shower valve with a brand new Moen shower valve. His work is done in less than two hours and he notifies our sheetrock repair specialists that he is done and they can begin their repair.

One of our sheetrock repair specialists is on the job momentarily. He replaces the Sheetrock Repair Southbury First Coat
sheetrock and applies drywall tape and the first coat of drywall compound. It is only late morning, so he alerts our Southbury client to keep the heat up and he points a fan on the repair to speed up the drying process. Before leaving, he lets the client know that he will be back to do a second coat in the early evening.

The sheetrock repair specialist returns to the job at 5pm and applies a second coat of drywall compound.

Day 2 – Our Sheetrock repair specialist arrives first thing in the morning and applies the final coat of drywall compound. He alerts the client that he will be back in the afternoon to complete the preparation and paint.

He arrives back on the job around 4 pm and proceeds to finish sand and paint the sheetrock repair. In this case, the client had paint left over from when he had painted the room, which made matching the paint on the wall simple.

Tip – When you paint a room, save any of the extra paint and write the room that you used it in on the can. Then store the can where it will not freeze. This makes sheetrock repair or touchup so much easier!

Sheetrock Repair Southbury Before 2


Sheetrock Repair Southbury After


As you can see in the photos, this Southbury sheetrock repair job came out flawless and was completed in two days with very little disruption to the homeowner.

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I could not be happier with the job performed by the plumber and sheetrock repair experts at Hogan's Handyman. The repair was flawless and the guys left my house spotless. The job was finished quickly and efficiently. I would recommend Hogan's Handyman Services to anyone.

Maria, Plumbing and Sheetrock Repair in Southbury, Ct.


Looks like you are doing some good quality work there, well done.

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