Prefinished Hardwood Floor in Southbury, CT

Today’s project involves the installation of a prefinished hardwood floor in Southbury.

The floor looks fantastic and really transformed the room, taking advantage of all the natural light.

After meeting with the client and discussing the pros and cons of prefinished hardwood floors vs. site finished hardwood floors (which we go into below), the client decided to have us install 400 square feet of prefinished hardwood.

Together with the client, we went online and chose a 3/4 inch by 2 1/4 inch Classic Gunstock Oak from Lumber Liquidators.

We agreed that we would pick up the flooring from Lumber Liquidators and use a nail down installation over a silicone vapor barrier.

This type of installation utilizes a specialized pneumatic floor nailer that secures the hardwood flooring to the subfloor by shooting a nail or staple through the base of the tongue as seen in the illustration below.

This results in the fasteners being completely hidden by the next piece of flooring.

Hardwood flooring installation

The first step in this project was to gently remove all of the baseboard trim, so that it could be reused after the prefinished hardwood floor installation.

We then removed all remaining staples from the subfloor and confirmed that the subfloor was clean and sound and ready to accept the new prefinished hardwood floor.

Here are the before photos.

Prefinished Hardwood Floor Southbury Before


Prefinished Hardwood Floor Southbury Before


Next we covered the subfloor with a silicone paper vapor barrier, which is superior to rosin paper or tar paper that some installers use.

Now it was time for the installation!

The key to proper installation of hardwood flooring is the ability to start square and remain square throughout the installation, and to stagger the seams so that no pattern can be discerned.

We were able to perform those tasks flawlessly and as you can see in the photos, this prefinished hardwood floor installation in Southbury looks spectacular!

Prefinished Hardwood Floor Southbury


Prefinished Hardwood Floor Southbury


Prefinished Hardwood Floor Southbury


Why Choose a Prefinished Hardwood Floor?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of installing prefinished hardwood floors.

  • Prefinished hardwood flooring is more durable than site finished hardwood flooring – The finish is applied and dried in factory controlled environments using high-performance aluminum oxide urethane coatings that are subjected to  many passes of ultraviolet light to cure the urethane to the wood and preserve its color, creating an extremely durable finish. This just cannot be duplicated on an on site finished floor.
  • Prefinished hardwood flooring is much quicker to install – Site finished hardwood flooring typically requires at least 4 separate visits from the installers and finishers followed by 3 days of drying before regular foot traffic. That is a week! While prefinished harwood flooring can typically be installed in one day and used immediately!
  • Prefinished hardwood flooring can be refinished – Your prefinished flooring will last longer than site finished flooring and it can be sanded and refinished when the time comes.

As you can see, prefinished hardwood flooring is a great choice for your home.

Give us a call today to get a prefinished hardwood floor installed in your home.


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Awesome information on this site. Its a Great idea, The floor looks fantastic and really transformed the room, taking advantage of all the natural light.It looks so clean..

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