Pool Gate Woodbury CT

In today’s post, we will discuss one of our latest projects, which was installing a pool gate in Woodbury, CT.

The client contacted us and informed us that his insurance company had recently performed an inspection and as a result, they were requiring him to put in a pool gate at his Woodbury home in order to prevent cancellation of his insurance policy.

We went out the next day and assessed the project.

After further discussion with the client, he revealed that he would like to purchase the gate himself and wanted us to do the install.

We agreed on a fair price for installation and the client agreed to call us when the gate arrived and we would install as quickly as possible.

The client ordered the 4 foot by 4 foot self closing, white vinyl pool gate from Amazon and it arrived in a couple of days.Pool Gate

We had already tentatively scheduled the project and obtained the necessary materials, so that the client would not have to wait.

We arrived on scene and set up for the project.

We began by notching out the decking so that we could sink in 4 x 4 pressure treated posts.

Once the notching was done we installed the 4 x 4’s by leveling and squaring them and then securing them to the framing.

Then it was simply a matter of installing the gate hardware on both the gate and the 4 x 4  posts.

All in all the pool gate took about 2 hours for two of our home repair specialists to install.

The client was very happy with the job.

The only problem is that the gate looks so good, he is now going to hire us to power wash and paint the rest of the pool area and decking!

Here are the before and after photos of the Pool Gate in Woodbury project.

Pool Gate


Pool Gate


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