Garages & Additions

Garage Addition – Formed for and poured footings with 3000 PSI concrete. We utilized Fox Blocks to form up for the foundation – Fox blocks insulated foundation panels have proven to be an excellent product to form for foundations. They are lightweight and easy to work with without sacrificing durability and are very easy to assemble. Fox Blocks can be left on the foundation when back filled to provide additional insulation and function as a moisture barrier. Slab poured. Framed with 10′ high walls for extra height to allow for a comfortable fit for work trucks & Vans. Roofed & flashed. Finished exterior with a few windows, matched vinyl siding and aluminium wrapped trim and installation of custom cupola on the roof.

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Footings have been poured
Footings Poured
Pouring Foundation utilizing Fox Blocks
Fox Block Panels for foundation
Completed foundation poured.
foundation pouring complete
Backfilled right over Fox Blocks
Slab Poured
Slab Poured
Framing Started
Framing Started
Framed and roof sheathed
Framed, Roof sheathing
Roof completed.
Roof complete
Exterior siding and aluminum complete
Windows installed, exterior wrapped with matching vinyl siding and trim wrapped in aluminum. Cupula installed.
Finished garage addition!
Finished Garage!